Do it yourself with Massari

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Who here likes DIY? Thinking about every detail of the party is very special, and taking the time to do your own decorating makes everything even more special.

Today, we bring you some tips for setting up a party table. We chose the ‘Pirate’ theme, but you can adapt the items to your theme.

The little bottles and tubes are widely used in decorations, and we will teach you how to make two very beautiful models. Want to know how to make a decoration for your party with the ‘Pirate’ theme? Read on!


See below for the materials needed:

Step 1: Fill the little bottles with the red candies.

Step 2: Glue the satin ribbon in the middle of the bottle.

Step 3: Cut the fabric into a square shape. Then glue it on top of the lid.

Step 4: wrap the string around the bottle cap and tie a bow, so that it fastens around the neck of the bottle.

Your bottle is ready! Repeat the process and make as many as you like.


Here are the materials needed:

Step 1: Glue the rhinestone stickers to the top of the tube.

Step 2: Cut the fabric to the following measurements – 21cm long by 3cm wide.

Step 3: Tie the fabric around the tube and tie a knot.

Step 4: Cut the ends into a “V” for a more beautiful finish.

Step 5: Fill the tube with a portion of candies.

Finished tube, ready to go on the table! Make as many as you want.

Take a look at this complete decoration that we prepared for you to get inspired, and make a ‘Pirate’ themed party that will be a blast!

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